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White House Whines About Migrant Advocacy by Texas Governor

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Sometimes, advocacy can be ugly.  It can be intrusive and it can twist your guts into a knot, forcing you to realize that something is terribly, inexorably wrong with the world.

This is what Texas Governor Greg Abbott has achieved by busing migrants away from his overwhelmed border towns, into liberal locales such as Martha’s Vineyard or Washington DC.  He’s showing the Democratic world what the true face of this humanitarian crisis is, since they seem unwilling to visit the effected areas and see for themselves.

And, according to the latest angst from the White House, it appears to be working.

President Joe Biden’s White House is condemning Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R) sending migrant buses to Vice President Kamala Harris’ Washington, DC residence on Christmas Eve in freezing temperatures.

As Breitbart News reported, Abbott sent three buses filled with roughly 130 border crossers to Harris’s D.C. residence, the Naval Observatory, on Christmas Eve when temperatures ranged from seven degrees to 22 degrees.

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The response was telling in its fury, and gave an indication that the White House was not fond of the being upstaged.

Abdullah Hasan, a spokesman for Biden’s White House, released a statement condemning the migrant buses and suggesting that Abbott put the border crossers in harm’s way.

“Governor Abbott abandoned children on the side of the road in below-freezing temperatures on Christmas Eve without coordinating with any federal or local authorities,” Hasan said. “This was a cruel, dangerous and shameful stunt.”

The advocacy action came just days after the White House was unable to define what “border czar” Kamala Harris was actually doing to help tamp down the crisis, and after it was revealed that President Biden himself is growing restless with the lack of progress.

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