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WILD VIDEO: Spinning UFO Captured By Several Witnesses in Mexico

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Over the course of the last several years, there has been a rather marked resurgence of interest in the idea that visitors from some other world are traveling to earth, breaking the laws of physics in their vehicles, and then darting back off to who-knows-where.

Sure, UFO’s have been a significant thread of the American pop culture tapestry for decades, but recent disclosures by the US government have shocked the world – particularly as a number of wild videos have been disseminated by the military themselves.

Now, just south of the border, a number of witnesses have filmed their own peculiar encounter, and the footage is rather compelling.

Several individuals in Mexico were left scratching their heads at the sight of a puzzling UFO that appeared to rotate in the night sky. The curious event reportedly occurred last Wednesday evening in the town of Tequila located in the state of Jalisco. At least four groups of people who were out that night spotted the peculiar sight, which resembled a set of glowing lights that seemingly slowly spun in the sky until vanishing into thin air. By virtue of the event having so many witnesses, it wound up being captured on film from multiple vantage points, which allows for a rather unique perspective on the peculiar aerial anomaly.

The odd sight has to be seen to be believed:

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While onlookers were certainly in awe of what they were witnessing, some skeptics have suggested that the phenomenon may be nothing more than SpaceX satellites, which have been responsible for a number of recent UFO sightings around the world.

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