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Wildfire Hero Gets New Truck After Amazing Story Goes Viral

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For a great many Californians, life will never, ever be the same.

Over the course of the last few weeks, the Golden State has been on fire.  Hellish infernos have been sweeping through several portions of the state, fueled by unfortunately strong winds and years of drought.  Sure, the state has been the subject of this sort of disaster before, but never on this scale.

To put it into perspective, the entire town of Paradise, California has simply ceased to exist after being scorched off of the face of the earth.

But, as with all tragedies in America, we have homegrown heroes who are willing to risk it all in order to help their fellow countrymen.

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A nurse whose truck was destroyed while helping patients escape the wildfires of a Northern California town was offered a new vehicle by Toyota, The San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Allyn Pierce told The New York Times he was on his way out of Paradise — where a wildfire has claimed 48 lives and destroyed 7,700 homes — and decided to turn around and help his community. He said he drove to the town’s main hospital to help evacuate and treat patients.

The report said he drove back to the hospital in Paradise with colleagues, where they broke in to get supplies and “got to work” in the parking lot.

“This truck literally saved my life today,” Pierce wrote on Instagram. “My little Paradise was literally burning down around me and @the pandra got me to safety where I could help others … twice.”

Toyota was impressed, to say the least.

Pierce posted a photo of his destroyed truck on his Instagram. When Pierce’s followers tagged Toyota, the company took notice. Several days later Toyota commented: “Hi Allyn, we are humbled you’d risk your life and Toyota Tundra to drive people to safety. Don’t worry about your truck, we’re honored to get you a new one!”

While California goes up in flames, it is at least comforting to know that men like Pierce are being recognized for their selflessness and heroism.

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