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Wildfire Victim With Plans to Propose Thought His Engagement Ring Was Lost. Then, The Incredible Happened.

This is an incredible story from a devastating situation.



This is an incredible story from a devastating situation in Butte County, California, where wildfires have destroyed thousands of homes and left many more homeless.

A young man whose family home had been destroyed by the fire had recently bought an engagement ring to propose to his girlfriend of two years.

When his family home was destroyed, it seemed the ring was gone with it.

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But he was determined to see if it could be recovered.

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Nick Maes had been dating Shastina Huges for two years before the wildfire hit their home.

When Maes seemed determined to see what he could find among the debris, Huges had no idea what exactly he was up to.

“I knew he was going up there and was probably going to be on the local news,” Hughes shared with Yahoo Lifestyle, “but I had no idea what he was really looking for.”

Hughes was at Enloe Medical Center in nearby Chico, where she works as a nurse, when Maes let her know he was heading to the house.

With the help of his father, Maes was able to locate the safe where he’d kept the ring for safekeeping. Incredibly, it was inside, damaged but intact.

“That’s it,” Maes said to KCRA3. “Oh, my gosh! Oh, wow! It is melted and there’s a bullet around it.”

It will certainly need a bit of refurbishing before it is returned to the way it was when Maes picked it out for his future bride, but the happy couple has no intention of the fire robbing them of any aspect of their special moment.

“I want him to be able to have his moment,” Huges to Yahoo Lifestyle. “Some guys work so hard to plan that special question. I don’t want to ruin it for him. I’m trying my best to just let him do him.”

“I’m so happy that our story can be the light in the darkness and people’s glimmer of hope,” she added. “Our story is not just for us, but it’s for our whole community.”

A beautiful story indeed of a very dedicated fiance and hope found amid the ashes.

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