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Will Going to Treatment Help My Loved One End Addiction?

Especially in the age of the COVID lockdowns!



Let me answer this question with the short answer first – no. Drug and alcohol treatment will not help your loved one to move past an addiction. I realize that is counter to what you might have heard, but the facts are the facts. Those who go to treatment have lower success rates than those that do not. (NESARC (Dawson et al., 2005)).

Unfortunately, the lockdowns from COVID 19 have become a catalyst for increasing overdose rates and overall substance use rates. The answer for the rising tide of addiction and overdoses is clearly not more of what already hasn’t worked. Treatment as an addiction-help industry has been a dismal failure. Prior to the COVID pandemic we had more treatment centers than ever before, available for more people, and in more demographics than any year prior, and yet, overdose and addiction rates continued to rise. The people now clamoring for more of the same – especially while rates of use are increasing due to the lockdowns – are wrong to assume this is the answer. So what is the first step in stopping the carnage if treatment and rehab aren’t helping? The answer is to end the lockdowns, and here’s why.

In healthcare the first criteria to practice medicine in any form is to “do no harm.” This little statement of intent isn’t a small point; it’s the basis of all healthcare in America. Unfortunately, practitioners have dropped far below this bar many times throughout history. It’s the reason we still call the practice of medicine the “medical arts” rather than the “medical sciences”.

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For example, for thousands of years bloodletting was the order of the day in the “treatment for various illnesses.” This “treatment” killed millions over the centuries it was used. A blanket policy such as locking otherwise healthy people in their homes without their consent is akin to bloodletting. It is an overreaching policy that does not solve the issues at hand, while also creating a torrent of unintended and sometimes fatal consequences. While quarantining those actually at risk such as the elderly and the immune compromised makes sense, quarantining the healthy has been an absolute disaster.

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What about the Addicted?

While those with addictions might have compromised immune systems in some rare cases, most do not. Yet, we’ve locked them away too, only to watch overdoses begin to skyrocket, suicides increase, and rates of mental anguish and illnesses rise to never before seen levels. These rates haven’t risen in a vacuum, they’ve risen due to the isolation, stress, misery and hopelessness felt by the ever advancing lockdown policies in place. Somewhere along the way our public officials forgot to begin their COVID 19 health policies with the most basic premise of legitimate medicine, “do no harm”. They never looked past their blanket scare tactics as a way to herd people into their homes and give away their fundamental human rights.

What is Drug and Alcohol Treatment?

When we discuss drug and alcohol treatment as being ineffective, we are talking specifically about rehab. Treatment can be classified as any type of facility and/or modality that is a part of the drug and alcohol treatment system, with the exception of medical detoxification. In some cases, medical detox is absolutely necessary for a person to safely stop or reduce their usage of substances. In summary, detoxification services are a vital treatment for certain withdrawal symptoms and when administered by competent physicians, is an effective lifesaving protocol. So again, for the purposes of this article, when talking about “treatment” we are not talking about important and valid medical detox facilities and protocols; we are discussing what is typically referred to as rehab or 12 step meetings and the like.

Addiction and COVID 19 – Is it a Scamdemic?

As time passes we see that the COVID 19 virus has qualities akin to the flu. The death rate is less than 1% like the flu (CDC). It affects the elderly, much like the flu (CDC). It can kill people with underlying conditions, much like the flu (CDC – 94% of COVID fatalities had other underlying medical issues, only 6% of fatalities died from COVID-only). As the death rate fell to flu-like levels the narrative focus changed from discussing the “death rate” to discussing only the “new cases.” Few are asking if the new cases are ending fatally. Fact is – more than 99% don’t.

Meanwhile tens of thousands of additional drug users have died from overdoses when you compare the numbers to 2019. Suicides have increased more than 17% over 2019’s figures. Mental illness is on the increase, as is domestic abuse. Here is the tragedy – none of these are COVID deaths. Rather, they are a result of a constantly moving goal post of ever expanded lockdowns. What began as a scare in February and March (Remember when they were touting 15% death rates without even knowing what the tested/recovered group numbers were!) has developed into a carefully orchestrated narrative that has used that fear to coral people into compliance. But this compliance has had a devastating result. Innocent lives – tens of thousands of them – have been lost due to government overreach, misinformation, scare tactics, the loss of human rights, and the loss of the right to make a living. We are now a socialist society – the utopian dream is here, and it has a very steep price. We shouldn’t fear the flu, nor should we fear COVID 19 – we should fear our governors who’ve become drunk with power.

There is a way out of the Treatment and Recovery Trap – Even in the COVID Era!

If you are a drug user or heavy drinker and you’ve had increased use during the lockdowns, there is an answer to your struggle – and it isn’t 12 step treatment. The good news is every individual still has an autonomous mind of their own. Regardless of the government overreach, the draconian lockdowns and the misery, one can still decide their own fate in regards to substance use and other mental issues. You do not need to be a prisoner of the lockdowns, or the treatment and recovery trap. Instead, you can read The Freedom Model for Addictions, Escape the Treatment and Recovery Trap right from home. You can also learn it through our Freedom Model Private Instruction Program from home with an instructor as well. Another option is you can go to our retreat if you need even more help. None of this is treatment – The Freedom Model as a whole is an educational process that teaches people how to move past addiction without the need for rehab, 12 steps, or any other controlling recovery model.

While we cannot control the COVID narrative of fear and lies, you can undo the myths of addiction that have kept you trapped in your own mind. It is time to realize the fact that the vast majority (more than 90%) of people with drug or alcohol problems move past addiction whether they are treated or not (and in reality very few of these successes go to treatment). You can be like them; you can change your preference from substance use – even while the lockdowns remain in effect. Begin by asking yourself what level of use (or abstinence) would make you happier? You are free to decide because there is no disease of addiction forcing you to use heavily, just choices to be made. You hold the key to your future – all the power lies directly within you. If you are skeptical or you are ready to find freedom, get a copy of The Freedom Model for Addictions and learn how to truly break free from the myths of addiction and recovery!

Mark Scheeren is the co-author of The Freedom Model for Addictions, Escape the Treatment and Recovery Trap, and is the co-founder and Chairman of the St. Jude Retreat, the only residential non-12 step model for addiction in the world. For addiction help, call 888-424-2626

For more information about The Freedom Model go to


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