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Witches Are Taking Action Against Justice Kavanaugh. Here's What They're Up to.

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At this point, it’s pretty safe to say that what happened to Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearing was akin to a witch hunt, what with all of the extraordinary lengths Democrats went to in order to make an innocent man appear guilty.

Strangely, now that Kavanaugh is now confirmed and on the bench, it seems real witches have come out of the woodwork to place a hex and curse on him to help them deal with their trauma and anger at his now being on the Supreme Court.

Yes, this is the world we actually live in, folks.

One popular spell is the “Gratitude Spell” authored by Instagram user @celestight for the pagan political organization WitchTheVote that focuses on feminist causes like child sacrif — I mean, abortion.

“In this open-ended spell, participants might choose to make a sigil — a sacred sign — on the paper, or vary their tribute to Ford in accordance with their own personal experiences and history,” reports Vox. “They might, if they so choose, send their note to Ford directly.”

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It’s no secret that witchcraft and feminism go together like Hillary Clinton and Planned Parenthood, but the practice has especially seen an uptick during the Trump era. Since day one of his administration, these feminist witches have performed a variety of spells and hexes to “bind” the president from implementing policies they dislike. Considering that Kavanaugh made it to the Supreme Court, the spells are clearly not working.

Both Christianity and Judaism regard witchcraft and astrology as demonic practices.


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A Gratitude Spell for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford Tools: A candle and lighter/matches Salt Paper and pen/pencil Sit or stand wherever you’re comfortable. Ground yourself and light the candle. Pour some salt into one hand and hold it gently while you write a thank you to Dr. Ford, something like “Thank you Dr. Christine Blasey Ford for your courage and sacrifice” or even just a simple “I believe you, I support you”. You can make it a sigil if you want. Now sprinkle your salt over your note, and picture the salt glowing softly, blanketing the paper. Place your hands just above your salted note, not quite touching it. Close your eyes and picture all your gratitude and loving support pouring from your hands in the form of warm light. Feel its tinglies flowing from your palms and dancing around the note, making the salt sparkle like prisms. Picture the salt absorbing all of the abuse and threats that Dr. Ford and her family have suffered through this ordeal. Brush the salt off the note, sweeping all that gross energy away with it. When you feel you’ve poured all the support you can into the note and cleared all the salt off, picture Dr. Ford seeing it in front of her, reading it, and putting it in her pocket. Stay in this space with her for a few moments or longer. If you’d like to send your note to Dr. Ford, you can send it to: Christine Blasey Ford c/o Rep. Anna Enshoo 698 Emerson St. Palo Alto, CA 94301 If not, you can roll it up and carry it around like a talisman, bury it in one of your houseplants, or add it to a sacred space. The end of the spell is to take action. Read up on ballot questions, register your friends to vote, donate to organizations for sexual assault survivors if you can. Let survivors know you believe them. Don’t stop. ????: @sogayjen

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The left is full of witches, ladies and gentlemen. If you needed any further proof that progressivism is a demonically inspired system of thought and belief, you’ve just been handed it on a silver platter.

Witchcraft is no joke. It’s demonic because it’s an attempt to usurp the authority and sovereignty of God, to have supernatural power that doesn’t naturally belong to finite beings. What people don’t understand is that messing with demonic forces like witchcraft opens the door for spiritual oppression.

Hopefully these folks meet someone who shares the gospel with them and helps them escape from this darkness.

Source: Daily Wire

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