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With Offered DACA Deal for Border Spending, Trump Put Democrats in a Bind

However, far left-winger and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D, Calif.) said the deal was a “non-starter” before the president was even done talking.



government shutdown

On Saturday, President Donald Trump went on the air to offer a deal to end both the budget impasse and the government shutdown. But his offer really put the Democrats in a bind.

During his Saturday afternoon speech, President Donald Trump offered the Democrats a series of concessions on DACA and other tings in exchange for the spending on border security that he wants.

His address showed that he is willing to deal, willing to negotiate, and willing to talk. He came off as reasonable and eager to work with the Democrats to break this impasse.

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The highlights of Trump’s plan includes:

  • $5.7 billion for wall
  • Millions in humanitarian aid & drug detection tech
  • 2,750 new border agents
  • 75 new immigration judges
  • 3 yr relief for DACA recipients
  • 3 yr extension for TPS
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“This is a commonsense compromise both parties should embrace,” Trump said.

Indeed, during the speech, Trump noted that all of the points in his proposal have been accepted by the Democrats at one point or another in the past. Each point, he said, has gotten a Democrat “yes” vote before.

However, far left-winger and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D, Calif.) said the deal was a “non-starter” before the president was even done talking.

But this speech does show President Trump as the negotiator and the one trying to compromise. A blanket “non-starter” from the Democrats shows them as the obstinate mules refusing to even talk.

If they all reject Trump’s proposal, this will also set up the Democrats running for president in 2020 to look like they refuse to govern but only want their own selfish policies.

If the Republicans play this correctly, they will be able to paint the Democrats as the unreasonable ones. And with their refusal to even help the DACA kids, that should make their job easier.

But, sad to say, the Republican Party usually fails to play these situations well.

The GOP is not called “the stupid party” for nothing.

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