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Wokeism Dismantles The Arts as Chappelle Gets Cancelled in Minneapolis

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Why is it so difficult for the “look at me” leftists to understand that art is not real life?  What is it about playing a character on-stage that is impossible for these folks to compute?  They’ll revere a film that’s set in a completely fictional universe, with characters who may or may not even be human, and everything that occurs within the film is A-OK, but as soon as a standup comedian says something that they don’t like, it’s time to grab the pitchforks and torches.

The only way in which art and artistry can grow is through layers of discomfort.  Nothing blossoms without struggle, and we cannot discover the true meaning of human nature when it is smothered by bumpers, guardrails, and the act of virtue-signaling, (which is all too often nothing more than a selfish attempt at self-aggrandizing meant to help us look more attractive to potential suitors).

But still, here we are, watching Dave Chappelle – recipient of the Mark Twain Award and undeniable comic genius – being held to some imaginary new standard that doesn’t apply to other artists or actors.

Minneapolis’ First Avenue on Wednesday canceled a Dave Chappelle show at the last minute after facing public backlash for booking the comedian.

“To staff, artists, and our community, we hear you and we are sorry,” the venue said in a statement, announcing that the evening’s show had been canceled.

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The decision came after an online petition on “Dave Chappelle has a record of being dangerous to trans people, and First Avenue has a duty to protect the community,” the petition, which had just over 120 signatures as of early Thursday morning, said.

The theater appeared fully committed to dismantling the sanctity of the 4th wall, violating Dave Chappelle’s First Amendment rights.

“Chappelle’s actions uphold a violent heteronormative culture and directly violate First Avenue’s code of conduct,” it said. “If staff and guests are held to this standard, performers should be too.”

We can only imagine that some of these same woke folks truly enjoy movies such as Blazing Saddles and Tropic Thunder.

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As a lifelong advocate for the dream promised us in the Constitution, Andrew West has spent his years authoring lush prose editorial dirges regarding America's fall from grace and her path back to prosperity. When West isn't railing against the offensive whims of the mainstream media or the ideological cruelty that is so rampant in the US, he spends his time seeking adventurous new food and fermented beverages, with the occasional round of golf peppered in.