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The Woking Dead are the Vogue Virus Infecting Our Culture

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The zombie-horror genre is strangely popular in our society. Zombie movies and video games tend to go something like this: a small problem, maybe a virus or radiation, which transforms humans and before long becomes a very large problem. In short order, humans are fighting for their lives against monsters that were once our friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers, but are now something else entirely. Something dangerous. Something ravenous and bent on destroying everything in their path. The fight for survival is on and the odds are not good.

Zombies aren’t real, of course, but have you tried having a conversation with a convert to wokeness? When they’re not growling hollow and easily debunked talking points at you, they’re going straight for your brain to undermine your faith in your church, your country, your values even yourself. They’re relentless and mindless at the same time.

And now they’re everywhere from the school board in rural Texas to the White House Situation Room in charge of our national security. They’re destroying our entertainment, our educational system, our economy, our military, canceling comedians and polluting movies and attacking America directly at its foundation.

That’s what zombies do, and as A.J. Rice writes in his brilliant new book, The Woking Dead: How Society’s Vogue Virus Destroys Our Culture, they have an ally and chief zombie in one Joe Biden – or at least, the handlers behind and around him who are actually directing woke policy from the most powerful office on earth.

That’s one issue the intrepid humans in zombie films never have to deal with: the undead in control of our politics and culture. But in real life they are, says Rice, and he wrote The Woking Dead to build on successes of the past few years with Trump and a transformed right, and lay out the plans and weapons to use to fight back.

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You may not know Rice by name but you’ve probably seen his work. Many conservative bestsellers of the past decade are his handiwork in one way or another. He developed Laura Ingraham’s brilliant, fierce radio show that reached millions. He works with Judge Jeanine Pirro, Monica Crowley, and countless other leaders, thinkers, and pundits, behind the scenes. But in The Woking Dead Rice steps out to unleash hell on the woke zombies under the influence of the mind virus that tells young Americans the lie that their country is irredeemably racist, fundamentally evil, built on slavery, and must be “dismantled” as the woke put it.

They’re serious about that. Woke leaders behind Biden, behind the progressive district attorneys unleashing criminals on our communities, behind even the “diversity, equity, and inclusion” push that sounds good but is wrecking our culture and ripping families apart, really do want America dismantled, our Constitution trashed, and themselves ensconced in power forever. Power is their aim, wokeness – in the forms of cancel culture, “green” raw deals, campus intolerance, and countless other forms – is their means to capture it.

To defeat this mind virus, as Rice puts it, requires knowing what it is and how it ticks, and developing the thoughts and plans it will take to win. The Woking Dead is a success on both fronts. Laid out in sections, The Woking Dead exposes and dismantles wokeness itself, and delivers hilarious haymakers and biting satire on its way to bringing the weapon to bear that America needs most: hope.

It may seem as though wokeness has achieved ultimate, unlimited power over everything from our energy policy to how movies are funded and made, to what you can say on social media and how our military sees foreign enemies and domestic dissent. All of this is true today, Rice writes, but it won’t be true forever if Americans step up and stand up and fight back.

The Woking Dead will make you shake your fist, laugh, and above all, see how to truly make America great – and keep it great – by crushing the woke zombie hordes.

Blaine Pardoe is a New York Times Bestselling and award winning author who contributes regularly to conservative sites. His most recent works include the conservative political thriller Blue Dawn tells the story of the violent overthrow of the government by Progressives. The sequel, A Most Uncivil Warhas just been released.   His political humor book, The Democratic Party Playbook 2022 Edition is also available.

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