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Woman Accuses Four California Dentists of Rape, However Video Evidence Tells a Different Story

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Four California dentists were facing charges of sexual assault after a woman accused them of raping her in late July in Las Vegas, however, new video evidence was presented that immediately led to the charges being tossed out.

Yes, that’s right folks, contrary to what the left might tell you, women do indeed sometimes lie about sexual assault and rape. It’s an inconvenient truth for the left who weaponizes this sort of thing to further their own political ends, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

Charged were Ali Badkoobehi and brothers Poria Edalat, Saman Edalat and Sina Edalat. The charges included sex assault, conspiracy to commit sex assault and first-degree kidnapping for the late July incident.

Prosecutors dropped all charges during a very brief hearing Monday before Las Vegas Justice Court Judge Eric Goodman.

“After a review of the facts of the case, it was clear that the allegations were completely fabricated,” lawyer Robert Draskovich, who represented Badkoobehi, said in a prepared statement. “The (video) evidence confirmed the men’s innocence, and the state has cleared them of all charges.”
The unnamed woman alleged that the four men raped her repeatedly in a room at the Wynn early July 28 after she met one of the men at a Wynn bar.

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“We are so grateful to the justice system for recognizing that we were the victims in this case,” the three Edalat brothers said in a statement. “We knew when the facts came out that the vicious allegations would be exposed as lies and our good names would be cleared. We want to thank our families, friends and lawyers for sticking by us through this horrific ordeal.

“At this sensitive moment in our history, we believe that [women’ should be respected and heard and believed. But as this case shows, it is also important to keep a critical eye on those willing to use the (#MeToo) movement for their own selfish motives and remember that innocent until proven guilty is one of our country’s bedrock principles.”

This is precisely why you should never charge someone based solely on conjecture without any other kind of evidence to support a person’s story. In this case, a woman clearly lied about these four individuals, hoping to punish them for something they didn’t even do.

While the #MeToo movement has managed to do some good in Hollywood by exposing how much of a cesspool of perversion it is, at the same time it’s opened up doors for opportunists to ruin people’s lives for their own gain.

Let’s hope this isn’t the case with the Brett Kavanaugh case.

Source: News 3 Las Vegas

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