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Wondering How Much the Bible Really Impacts Modern-Day Culture? The Answer Might Surprise You

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If you’re a Christian and you’ve flipped on the TV or opened up Facebook at all over the last several years, you’re probably of the impression that the culture at large has completely and totally abandoned the God of the Bible and the universal truth contained in the Scripture.

It’s not hard to see why someone might believe that. We now live in a world where Christians are persecuted for their beliefs over refusing to bake a cake. Where boys can pretend to be girls and gain access to the ladies room and where homosexuals parade around the streets in their underwear claiming to be “married” in the sight of the state.

It’s tough times for believers. Truly.

However, you might be surprised to find that pop culture simply cannot escape the influence of its ultimate Creator.

Ilena Madraso, content manager at the Museum of the Bible, recently told’s “Pure Talk” that it is “kind of surprising” to see references to Scripture deeply embedded in our modern culture.

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“The Bible has had such a large influence on so much of the world,” Madraso said.

“You wouldn’t think it was the Bible, and then it hits you,” she said.

From ex-NFL star Tim Tebow’s famous eye black featuring “John 3:16” to more random connections such as model Heidi Klum’s decision to dress like an apple and serpent for Halloween — a clear reference to the Adam and Eve narrative in Genesis — the Museum showcases where the Bible and culture have intersected.

“Music has such a rich history with having the Bible influence it,” Madraso added, noting that there are some truly surprising references such as rapper Coolio’s 1995 hit, “Gangsters Paradise.” The song has its roots in Psalm 23, with lyrics referencing the “valley of the shadow of death.”

“It’s really fun to find things that are hidden in plain sight,” Madraso said. “Themes, characters, and quotes — things that we even say in our everyday life. We have many of those things displayed here.”

There’s a mistaken belief by many well meaning Christians who tend to think the realm of pop culture and politics aren’t of interest to God, that the only business of the faithful is to preach the gospel and nothing else.

However, that’s not what God’s mission for His church is really all about. You see, Jesus is King of every area of life, arts, entertainment, and politics included. The first folks to receive the Holy Spirit in Scripture were artists, thus, these things matter to God.

Our job is to make disciples, which includes the gospel obviously, but it doesn’t stop there. It goes beyond that to teaching people how to obey the commands of the Lord and apply them to every area of their lives.

We are to be about the business of pressing the crown rights of Jesus Christ into every part of our culture. We cannot do that by sitting on the sidelines. Get back in the game, church!

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