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World Food Shortage Coming Thanks to Russian Invasion of Ukraine

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As if the world weren’t facing enough adverse reactions from the inhumane and horrific invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces, there are now major global consequences coming for people all across the globe.

The humanitarian crisis in Europe is almost unbelievable.  Tens of millions of Ukrainians have fled their homeland, pushed out by the genocide of the Kremlin’s army.

But now there are fears that the conflict could bring widespread trouble to all corners of the globe.

A food crisis was brewing well before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Now, a global food shortage seems inevitable, and it may persist. “There is no precedent even close to this since World War II,” according to the World Food Program, per reporting in the New York Times. Many countries rely mostly if not entirely on Russian and Ukrainian grain and cooking oils. Those supplies are at risk due to sanctions and the difficulty of farming in a warzone. Over the past year—with the invasion adding to existing prewar problems—wheat prices are up 69%, barley 82%, and corn 36%. Furthermore, Russia is also the world’s largest fertilizer exporter.

Humanitarian organizations are hoping that early warnings can foment future stability.

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Human Rights Watch sounded the alarm for countries in the Middle East and North Africa, including Lebanon, where grain reserves have not recovered since the Beirut port explosion in 2020. In many countries, fragile government supplies and subsidy programs are primary barriers to social unrest. Business Insider recalls worldwide rioting sparked by “weather shocks and trade restrictions” in 2007–08 and again in 2010, which helped trigger the Arab Spring. Conditions are worse now.

For many, however, this will be just another tragedy for which the blame falls squarely on Vladimir Putin.

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