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WWG1WGA: Trump Drops Signature 'Q' Line During Truth Social Spree

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As Donald Trump continues to find himself politically and litigiously targeted, his refutations and become remarkably bold.  He’s a man who is simply not going to be bullied, and some of his most recent posts on Truth Social are proof positive of that.

In a late night social media spree in the wee hours of Wednesday, Trump not only provided his usual commentary on the plethora of attacks he’s been on the receiving end of, but the also reached out to the Qanon community.

Former President Donald Trump spent Tuesday morning posting inflammatory messages on social media, including many explicitly promoting the QAnon conspiracy theory.

While Trump has in the past promoted QAnon-inspired accounts and theories, the posts on his Truth Social account were his most explicit, unobscured, QAnon-promoting and QAnon-baiting posts to date.

Trump even dropped the group’s signature slogan.

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In one, he reposted the QAnon slogan — “Where We Go One We Go All.” In another, he re-posted a 2017 message from “Q” that’s critical of the intelligence community. The QAnon conspiracy theory was built around Q, an anonymous account that posts periodically on 8kun, often with vague or symbolic language that is then interpreted by followers.

Q, or someone using Q’s account, only recently began posting again on social media after months of silence.


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