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Wyoming Ranchers Convinced Someone Poisoned and Killed Their Four Horses

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The owners of a ranch in Wyoming are seeking help in locating a person they say poisoned five of their horses, killing four of them earlier this summer.

The family is also offering a substantial reward and is raising money in hopes of catching the alleged culprits.

Joe and Lindsay Bright of Converse County posted on Facebook on July 31 that the horses had died and that they immediately suspected the animals had been intentionally killed.

“It is with the heaviest heart that I make this post,” Bright Ranch posted online. “We are offering $10,000 reward for the arrest and conviction for anyone connected to the murder of our horses!

The post added, “They were found dead yesterday, I can’t go into details as the investigation is still underway. If you have any credible information, your confidentiality will remain confidential.”

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Last week, the family updated the post with new information they said showed the horses had been poisoned.

“Update, the samples have now been sent to UC Davis for analysis. Whatever it was, is something that can’t be tested for in a normal vet lab,” the post said.

The update concluded, “Clarification, the Horses were not shot. They were given a neurological Toxin. As I have said. Which one has yet to be determined. As well as how it was given to them.”

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For now, what happened to the horses remains a mystery, and police are not commenting on the matter.

When asked about the mystery by Cowboy State Daily, Converse County Undersheriff Nate Hughes would not comment on any details surrounding the case.

Hughes said Wyoming state investigators are looking into the matter.

Meanwhile, Wyoming Livestock Investigator Chris Strang spoke on the record to the Daily but referred any questions about the alleged horse killings to the Bright family.

“I’ll tell ya, it’s an ongoing investigation, so I’m not going to talk about it,” he stated. “The owners can say what they want.”

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The Cowboy State Daily reported that chemicals associated with euthanizing animals such as horses are hard to come by and must be obtained through a veterinarian.

But the outlet did point out that there are some plants native to Wyoming that can kill horses.

When probed about the possibility that the deaths were an accident on Facebook, Bright Ranch shot the idea down.

In response to a comment, the family wrote, “No plants or chemicals. No animals. Was a Neurological Toxin. Delivered by unknown means. [At least] that’s what CSU is saying. $6100.00 to save my wife’s horse.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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