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Yetis Spotted, Snatched All Along Pacific Coastline

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While it may sound like the plot of a dreadful Friday night scary movie, people living on the Pacific from Alaska to California have been thrilled about an invasion of Yetis landing on their beaches, with some brave souls even taking them home with them.

That’s because we’re not talking about the mythical yeti, kin to Bigfoot, believed to be lurking around in the Himalayas.  Instead, we’re talking about the high-end, double insulated Yeti coolers that have begun washing ashore on the west coast of the United States.

After the Zim Kingston freight ship spilled shipping containers in rough seas last October, residents of coastal Alaska are finding remnants of its lost cargo along the shoreline — primarily high-end, Yeti brand coolers.

Hundreds of the luxury coolers, which range from $250 to $750 each, have been washing onto beaches with moderate wear on the outside, but in near-mint condition inside, The Wall Street Journal reported.

“We started to hear reports of some of these coolers ending up on the shores of Alaska, Seattle, and beyond late last year when fans posted their finds on social media,” Matt Reintjes, Yeti president and chief executive told The Wall Street Journal, adding that the company lost approximately 1,600 coolers from the Zim Kingston freight.

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One Alaskan man says that he’s already found 19 of the posh coolers that have washed ashore.

As for how long the cooler invasion could last:  One oceanographer believes that the coolers’ journey could take them around the globe potentially for as long as three decades.

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