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YIKES: Fetterman Proclaims He's 'Fetterwoman' at Abortion Event

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As Americans, we are ultimately aware of just how awful our political system has become.  Where we once considered our lawmakers public servants, we now find ourselves with a ruling class full of self-serving elites who’ll say just about anything to stay elected.

At times, these politicians can be downright embarrassing, uttering cringe-worthy, pandering statements that make us reevaluate the entire system.

Democratic Senate Candidate for Pennsylvania John Fetterman is just one such example.

Pennsylvania Democrat Senate candidate John Fetterman declared himself “FetterWoman” at a pro-abortion rally on Sunday where he promised to codify Roe v. Wade.

Standing before a pink and black “Women for Fetterman” sign at a rally in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, Fetterman unveiled a pink shirt emblazoned with the label “FetterWoman” across the chest.

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The shirts immediately went on sale on Fetterman’s campaign website.

“My name is John FetterWoman!” he said as the crowd cheered.

The strange moment was captured on video for all to see:

The pandering didn’t stop there.

“Women are the reason we can win. Let me say that again: Women are the reason we win.” Fetterman told the crowd.

“Don’t piss women off,” he added.

Fetterman is running a hotly debated race against Dr. Mehmet Oz, the one-time television personality-turned- politician.

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