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You Won’t Believe How Long it Took Twitter to Remove This Graphic Call to Murder ICE Agents

And can you imagine if someone posted a detailed graphic on social media of the sort of death you should face simply for being an ICE agent?



The ironic thing about the leftist vitriol for ICE agents, fabricated, of course, by the weeks-long media hype surrounding child separation policies that had been going on for years, is that ICE agents have families too.

And can you imagine if someone posted a detailed graphic on social media of the sort of death you should face simply for being an ICE agent?

The argument is that these poor, desperate migrants are simply trying to do what’s best for their family by fleeing poverty and violence to seek a new hope in the US. And in some cases, this might very well be the case. It doesn’t change the fact that they violate federal law by crossing our border illegally.

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ICE agents, on the other hand, are hard-working, committed LEOs who have undergone extensive background checks and training and detain migrants because it is their job. They’re not politicians or lawmakers, their job is simply to enforce the law.

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Why is their life devalued because they enforce the law rather than break the law? It’s insane.

Breitbart reports that Twitter took 20 hours to remove a violent, graphic tweet calling for the brutal murder of ICE agents from the Occupy Wallstreet page.

After removing the tweet, it appears little else was done:

Twitter removed the tweet after Breitbart News reached out to the company’s press team for comment. A company spokeswoman said it is against the platform’s rules to make “specific threats of violence or wish for the serious physical harm, death, or disease of an individual or group of people.”

Looking at the time-gap between the earliest and latest archives of the tweet reveals that it was allowed to remain on the platform for over 20 hours before the company took it down. The account of Occupy Wall Street NYC does not appear to have been sanctioned and continues to tweet as normal.

So, Roseanne tweets a poorly-advised joke comparing Valerie Jarrett to Planet of the Apes, and the entire media melts down for a week.

A prominent activist group tweets out actual instructions to kill ICE agents and they’re allowed to tweet as normal.

This is the world we live in…and it is an insane world.


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