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Young Black Woman Obliterates Actress Alyssa Milano Over Racist Hollywood Wokeness

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Former child actress Alyssa Milano has been a leading purveyor of wokeness on social media, but in a fantastic new video, one young black woman isn’t buying Milano’s garbage.

Milano has been a leader of the #MeToo movement and has assaulted fans with a daily deluge of far-left tweets. She was a loud hater of President Donald Trump and continues to attack conservatives and Republican voters.

She has also been a typical leftist with her constant proclamations of what black people must do to be sufficiently black.

Still, one young black woman isn’t having any of Milano’s ignorant proclamations about how blacks are supposed to act. Indeed, this young woman says she is sick and tired of Milano’s “white supremacy.”

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The unidentified Black woman posted her video to TikTok in response to the virtue signaling and White privilege constantly indulged by Milano. The young woman slammed Milano for what amounts to pushing blacks to accepting the idea of a coming race war.

Amazingly, the young woman was not abusive, rude, or ranting. She simply revealed the underlying messages promulgated by cultural Marxists. She noted, for example, that the notion that voter laws such as the one in Georgia affect Black voters more is racist because it stipulates that Black voters are less capable of performing the simple tasks associated with voting.

“Imaging being a Black man and being told by some White lady with a microphone that you and the criminal on TV are one in the same because you look alike,” the woman says in her video.

“Imagine being told by society that White people can be all that that can be but you as a Black man, the content of your character is completely irrelevant; you are the color of your skin and that is all you will ever be.

“Imagine being told you can’t figure out how to vote because of the color of your skin. Socioeconomics affects everyone but apparently you’re not as smart as the poorest White person,” she adds.

“Lady, I don’t want to hate you. I’m a 90s kid. I grew up with you, so I know you’re very talented. I understand your heart is in the right place, but you are everything you preach against,” she said.

“Statistically speaking I am more likely to be shot and killed by my Black, elderly neighbor across the street that the cop who patrols my neighborhood. Statistically speaking, homicide by cop is very rare, but people like you find power in fear so you keep on the frontpage news,” she pointed out.

“You don’t have to be a white supremacist, you can be better,” the young woman concluded.

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