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YouTube Now Censoring Educational Material on Dangers of Socialism

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There are serious concerns throughout the United States that our First Amendment is eroding before our very eyes.

This is because we have allowed our most powerful public forums to remain in the hands of technically private companies who have the ultimate, authoritarian control over the content of their platforms….even though you are providing the content for them.

Think of it like this:  The internet is one big TV station, one big newspaper.  We all write for the internet, we all produce content for the internet every time that we update our statuses, release a video, or upload a photo.  Just look in the “terms of service” that you never read:  These platforms own your content, and are selling advertising slots in between your posts.  You don’t see a dime of that money, even though you created the content that sold the advertisement.

This is why censorship on these platforms is unequivocally dangerous:  These internet content farms can pick and choose what gets uploaded and shown to the public on a mass scale, just like the propaganda machines of 1930’s Germany.  Worse yet, you are the one giving them their material and their money.

To add insult to injury, these megalithic and wealthy companies promote the ideals of the liberal left, turning a great many toward the deadly experiment of socialism…while actively censoring educational material on the very subject.

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In an article published in, Fox Business pundit John Stossel discusses his experience attempting to publish videos critical of socialism via YouTube and what he learned from the documentary The Creepy Line about how tech giants view privacy matters.

In his article, Stossel outlines his experience when attempting to publish a video about the effects of socialism on the country of Venezuela, which was subsequently removed from YouTube…

Stossel goes on to say the following:

This morning Google told me that it would not allow my YouTube video “Socialism Leads to Violence” to be viewed by young people. It violates “community guidelines,” said the company in a computer-generated email.

My purpose in making the videos is to reach kids, to educate them about the benefits of free markets. It’s why I started, a nonprofit that provides videos, plus teachers’ guides, free to teachers.

If Google and Facebook decide adults should be “protected” from seeing those videos, too, then “Stossel TV” will go dark.

The idea that we should not be educated on every possible facet of a subject as complex as economic policy is absurd and inadequate.

For YouTube to decide that they are the authority on such an expansive ideology only furthers the reality that these companies have grown far too large and powerful to exist without oversight.


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