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Zelenksyy Contradicts NATO, Polish Assessment on Missile Strike

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It was only a few scant days ago that the entire infotainment industry appeared convinced that World War III was just one NATO vote away from becoming official.

This is because preliminary reports seemed to indicate that a Russian missile had struck in rural Poland, killing two farmers.   Such a strike would surely have triggered NATO’s Article 5, setting up the showdown to end all showdowns on a suddenly-atomic stage in eastern Europe.

But, alas, authorities have declared the explosion to have been caused by an 0ff-target Ukrainian air defense weapon.  The only problem is that Ukraine’s President doesn’t seem to be willing to admit it, however, and it’s caused some tension between he and the United States.

President Biden Thursday disputed comments made by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who remains confident that the “explosion” that killed two in Poland did not come from a Ukrainian missile.

“That’s not the evidence,” Biden told reporters from the South Lawn after arriving in Washington shortly after 12:30 a.m.

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Zelenskyy on Wednesday countered comments from NATO and Polish officials who said preliminary evidence suggested the “explosion” that killed two Poles in the village of Przewodow, roughly 30 miles from the Ukrainian border, likely came from Ukraine’s air defense system.

If the missile had been of Russian origin, there is a decent chance that NATO would suddenly find themselves thrust into battle against Russia, thus benefiting the people of Ukraine greatly.


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