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A 102-year-old Says Good Sex Is Secret To Happy Life

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A 102-year-old woman revealed the secret to a long and happy life is good sex. Former UK Royal Air Force chief Joyce celebrates her 102nd birthday thanks to, good sex and sherry. PHOTO BY CARE UK/SWNS 

A 102-year-old woman revealed the secret to a long and happy life is good sex.

Joyce Jackman turned 102 years old on May 9 and shared her secret to living for over a century.

The former UK Royal Air Force chef told staff at her care home that she credits “good sex and good sherry” as the key to her satisfying life.

Joyce, from Colchester, Essex, celebrated her birthday at Care UK’s Silversprings, Thorrington, where staff surprised her with a cake.

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Her family came to visit to celebrate her birthday with her – and the 102-year-old said she “didn’t want the day to end”.

Joyce said: “I had such a lovely day.

“I can’t believe I’m 102 – it must be all the chocolate I eat that’s helped!”

Joyce, from Colchester, UK celebrated her birthday with a family, care home staff and a chocolate cake. PHOTO BY CARE UK/SWNS

In her early life, Joyce worked in a sweet shop, before joining the RAF as a chef during World War Two.

Joyce, now widowed, married her childhood sweetheart, Terence Jackman, in 1945 – the year the war ended.

While they never had children, Joyce loved to help out looking after the children in her neighborhood, as well as enjoying baking with her mother and going out with her friends.

Now, Joyce enjoys keeping her mind busy at Silversprings with regular crossword puzzles and staying up-to-date with the daily newspaper – as well as enjoying plenty of chocolate.

Joanne Rix, Home Manager at Silversprings, added: “Joyce is a much-loved resident at the home – she’s always making us laugh with her fantastic sense of humor and outlook on life.

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“It was wonderful to be part of her special day.

“Here at Silversprings, we work hard to support residents to lead fulfilling lives, and celebrating special occasions and birthdays plays a huge part in this.

“We were honored to raise a glass of sherry to Joyce’s incredible life so far and are privileged to have her as part of our Silversprings family.”

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