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Season Four Of "For All Of Mankind" To Appear On AppleTV+

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      A poster for “For All Mankind”. Season four will be streaming on Apple TV+ this Friday. (APPLETV+/EPK TV)

“For All Mankind” is kicking off its fourth season on AppleTV+ as it continues to show the alternative universe dating back from 1969 on Friday.

A poster for “For All Mankind”. Season four will be streaming on Apple TV+ this Friday. (APPLETV+/EPK TV) 

The show is rocketing into the new millennium in the eight years since season three where Happy Valley has expanded into Mars.

The show goes into the alternative universe where the Soviet Union and the United States compete to go to the moon, but instead the Russians make it there before the Americans.

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The idea came about when a conversation occurred when the show’s executive producer Ronald D. Moore and NASA astronaut Garrett Reisman spoke about the alternate universe of Russians getting to the moon before the American.

In the fourth season, the Americans and Russians become partners after years of competition of space exploration being foes in Mars. 

The Cold War goes above and beyond a new level in the alternate universe as opposed to what happened in real life.

In 2003, the focus of the space programs has turned into the capture and mining of extremely valuable mineral-rich asteroids that could change the future on Earth and Mars.

Tensions between residents of the international base threaten to undo everything they are working towards.

The stakes become higher for the US astronauts in outer space as careers and lives are put on the line and Americans’ competition with the Russians are put to the test.

Much of the original cast have either died or outlived their purpose in life.

The space race continues to be greater challenges with higher expectations.

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This comes to the vision of the future of the exploration of Mars as scientists and innovators have spoken about for a number of years.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is currently in the works to have SpaceX’s technology to land in Mars.

In the alternative universe, former Vice President Al Gore is the President of the United States in 2003 in of former President George W. Bush, who was the country’s 43rd President in the real universe.

“For All Mankind” is executive produced by Ronald D. Moore, Matt Wolpert, Ben Nedivi, and Maril Davis.

The casts this season includes Joel Kinnamen (“RoboCop” 2014), Wrenn Schmidt (“Nope” 2022), Krys Marshall (“Supergirl” 2019), Edi Gathegi (“The Harder They Fall” 2021), Cynthy Wu (“Beef” 2023), Toby Kebbell (“Fantastic Four” 2015), Coral Pena (“The Post” 2017), Daniel Stern (Home Alone “1990), Tyner Rushing (“Stranger Things” 2022), and Svetlana Efremova (“Phonebooth” 2002).

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